I see it all the time and I was doing it too up until recently. I’m talking about being an entrepreneur and doing EVERYTHING yourself. From bookkeeping to social media to admin tasks and everything in between, we so often do it all, mainly because we can. We have a good enough grasp on how to do every task so the thought of paying someone else to do them seems ludicrous and a waste of our hard-earned dollars. Sound familiar?

For me, I was wearing every hat in my business because when I first started out I had the thought, “when my business grows bigger, I’ll outsource the tasks that aren’t my specialty”. This train of thought though became a trap and as my business grew, I was still doing everything myself because I was too busy to look for the right people to work with.

I’ve now made it a priority to work with other conscious entrepreneurs who I trust to help me with the things that I don’t really need to be doing myself. Since then it’s become so obvious why this is a non-negotiable for my business. Here are five reasons to prove my point:


1. Outsourcing gives me more time to focus on the work that I love to do.

If we spend all of our energy doing admin and marketing tasks, we truly limit the time and energy left for our passion. Once we open up this space, more opportunities to do what we love will come our way.


2. The experts can often do the tasks better than us.

Sure everyone can build their own website if they have the time and inclination to do it but will it look professional and engaging to their target market? Perhaps but perhaps not. It’s the same for any project or task. We can either do something ourselves and it’ll be okay, or we can get an expert in that particular field to do it better … that’s why they’re the expert and further more, they also love to do it so they’ll give the task that extra splash of magic.

“I outsourced my website to be developed with a clear vision in mind, mostly clear instructions and I got what I asked plus more. The ‘plus more’ is of course relevant because a professional will always know more about what a website can and can’t do. Resonant Imagery created a site that is functional, has simple lines, beautiful images and is overall aesthetically and pragmatically pleasing. Could I have made a website? Definitely. Could I have made a website that is as pleasing? Definitely not. Instead, I choose to imbue my life with an abundance of words.”

Gitana – Professional Editor 


3. A fresh outside perspective can be just what we need.

Often we are so close to our business that we can easily loose sight of the bigger picture or be too attached to a certain way of doing things. Getting a fresh pair of eyes on our client contract, e-Book design or our finances can do wonders both in the present and into the future.

the importance of outsourcing

4. It feels good to support other passionate small business owners.

Supporting each other rather than shutting ourselves away not only makes us feel good to connect with others; it also has a ripple effect. When we support others, they’ll naturally want to support us and that will come in many different gauzes. They might engage our services directly. They might sing our praises to someone who asks them about the services we offer. And they might share our services to their online community at large.


5. Our stress levels decrease.

Knowing that someone has our back can do so much for reducing the weight we place on our shoulders. The time that gets freed up can not only be spent on the things we love but also creates space for self-care, which is also a non-negotiable for our own health and for the health of our business.


I’ve learnt the hard way why it’s important to grow your tribe of people who can help with the tasks that I’d rather not do. Take the time to reflect on the tasks that you’d rather outsource to an expert. Once you know the type of person you need, ask your online community for recommendations. Chances are the soulful entrepreneur who can help isn’t far away.