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So glad to have you here. I’m Ange, an inspired web designer and yoga teacher. I love creating vibrant and easy-to-navigate websites. I also love working with other small business owners who are passionate about what they do.

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Where it all started…

Back in 2009, I dived in deep. I started my own business and I began my yoga teacher training course all in the one year. Looking back on it now, it was a big leap of faith but at the time it really was a natural evolution for me.

I had previously worked in marketing and administration and I remember at one particular job I was on the phone to a creative agency, conversing with them about some changes to a design they were producing. Then, there was moment of clarity; one of those light-bulb moments. I didn’t want to be on my end of the phone conversation; rather I had a strong desire to be on the other side, the creative side.

After completing courses in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and a post graduate course in Communication Design, Resonant Imagery was born.

To this day, nothing lights me up more than designing beautiful and functional websites.

One main contributing factor that helped me immensely along the way was (and still is) yoga. Yoga and meditation provide me with the skills to look inward, to enquire, to listen. It helped me back then to take the curious steps needed to become a conscious entrepreneur and it still helps me today, not only to relieve my computer shoulders, but with problem solving, igniting creativity and bringing a level of calmness to each day.

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Where in the world…

After calling Brisbane my home for so long, I decided it was time for a change and I made the move to Melbourne in 2015. Located in the inner northern suburbs, I feel so much at home amongst the many cafes to work at, a coworking space that I adore and a thriving creative community to be a part of.

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