All the things to remember when publishing a blog post

How often do we have our list of tasks for the day and they seem to be insurmountable, that the tasks seem bigger than we first thought? We work for a lengthy period of time only to be nowhere near that satisfying tick of completion. And it surely has a negative effect on our productivity and motivation. One such task for many of us is publishing a blog post. The task sits on our to-do list and it sits in the ‘too hard’ or ‘too many things to remember’ basket and it gets put off for another day/week/month… Sound familiar?

So why is this the case? Why is blogging so hard for us to cross off the list?

It all comes down to our perspective. And an understanding of how to plan. We jot down ‘blog post’ as a task on our to-do list as if it’s just another simple task for us to complete as part of our day. And right there is the reason why it just doesn’t get done. Writing and publishing a blog post isn’t a task; it’s so much more than that. If we think in terms of planning, it’s actually a project that’s made up of a series of tasks that span from brainstorming, to writing, to the steps involved with publishing it.

Changing this mindset will make all the difference to our ability to actually blog regularly. Knowing the steps involved, ticking the tasks off the list and getting super familiar with the process. And repeat.

Publishing a blog post is so much more than just adding the content, a catchy title and image, and clicking ‘publish’. Let’s explore this further…


Categories – choose between 1 and 3 categories that are the perfect fit for your blog post. Limit the number of categories you choose and add other relevant keywords as tags.

Tags – if you’re aware of the best keywords for your industry, insert them here, while making sure they are somewhat relevant to your blog post.


Ahh yes, have you ever published a blog or a page on your website, shared it and after some time’s passed realised that there’s an error or two. Previewing your work before publishing is such a good habit to get into.


Clicking the ‘publish’ button is such a happy moment. Celebrate it! And then double check that your blog post is displaying correctly…ok, perhaps I’m a little OCD about this, but again, it’s a good habit!


Once a new blog post is published, it’s so not the end of the project. We blog about content that’s insightful and helpful to others, so it has to be shared! Share it loudly and proudly on your social media platforms, in Facebook groups and on your email newsletter.

Before sharing your blog post on Instagram, be sure to change your profile’s website URL so it’s easy for your followers to access the blog post directly. Then, remember to change your URL back to your original website URL once you feel the hype has died down.

Your blog post link will often be looooooong, so for ease of sharing, shorten the link by using Google URL Shortener or Bitly.


blog post checklist downloadWhen it comes to publishing your post, it’s important to have a clear checklist to take the thinking out of the equation. For me, it’s also helpful to have a prompt to remind me to double check that everything looks perfect on the post before I share it with the world. Yes, wouldn’t a checklist be amazing for each blog post project?! Well, look no further! I’ve prepared one for you 🙂


Simply download and print the PDF document and use it each time you go to publish a blog post. You’re welcome!

Download the free checklist
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  1. Nell October 11, 2016 at 11:30 am - Reply

    Great tips and thanks for the checklist! So easy to forget these things in the rush to publish.

    • Ange Hammond October 11, 2016 at 12:23 pm - Reply

      Great that you found it helpful 🙂

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