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How to (or not to) prepare for your brand photoshoot

If you’ve been a part of my community for a while, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate for getting professional branding photos for your business. For me, it’s a no-brainer. Your professional photos can be used everywhere: your website, Instagram, Facebook, other social platforms, newsletters and even on flyers and business cards. Photos do so much to bring your brand to life and tie everything together. And most of all, they’re the real you. Your target market [...]

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How to find and fix your website’s broken links

I visit a lot of websites. It’s actually one of my favourite things to do. When a business newbie announces they’ve launched their website, I go and check it out. When someone has a new offering or product and they tell me to visit their website, I do. I can’t help myself. And you’d think that being a web designer, I’d be highly critical of websites, but I’m not. I truly enjoy taking a journey through a business’ online home. [...]

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For the love of Mondays and making them your own

For a while now I’ve kept something to myself, especially when I’m out with friends or visiting family. It’s something that I can only share with a select few and generally most wouldn’t be able to comprehend it or wouldn’t even want to hear it. But I feel like I can share it with other business owners and know that most will understand and experience the same thing too. The thing is… I love Mondays. You know, that day [...]


How to craft your website’s Call to Actions

In my twenties I worked in the marketing department of a large corporation. Looking back on it, it wasn’t really where I was suited to working and I really didn’t feel excited about the products we were marketing. All in all, it was the stepping stone I needed to get focussed on what I wanted to do. I ended up leaving after a couple of years to continue my studies, and eventually found a love for web design. My [...]

Blog post ideas that’ll help your small business stand out

Blogging. We all know that it’s an extremely valuable tool to drive traffic to your website. It also serves the important purpose of building authority in what you do. It shows your target market that you know what you’re doing, that you understand your audience inside and out, and it does wonders for your credibility. Knowing the importance of blogging is one thing, knowing what to write about is a whole different story. Chances are you’ve suffered from writer’s block [...]

Top tips on how to make your website better

You’ve got your website and it may be a slick, professionally designed one or it may be DIY. Wherever you are on this spectrum, there’s one question that’s relevant to us all: How can I make my website better? You’ve heard me say it before: your website is never finished. It’s a fluid, evolving presentation of where your business is at, what you offer and who you love to work with. Right? Or, is it a glimpse of where your [...]

5 books that have inspired the way I do business

I find it can be so easy to continue working on my business in the same way as before. I’m sure we’re all a bit like that. Change for us humans can be a rather difficult notion. We can also have well-intentioned ideas about change (hello new years resolutions!) but all too often we can fall back into our old ways. No matter what your vice, whether it be books, podcasts or online courses (or all of them), learning is [...]


How to fix your website preview on Facebook

You’ve got your beautiful website launched and it’s time to share it with the world. Or you’ve just published your latest insightful blog post and you’re equally as excited to get it out there. First stop: Facebook. You’ll most likely want to share your website win in your fave Facebook group. That way it’ll get tonnes of exposure within a community that’s already quite familiar with you and your business. You carefully draft your message and you include the link [...]