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How the GDPR may affect your Australian business

Chances are you’re received an unusually high number of “we’ve updated our privacy policy” emails of late. Perhaps you’ve even wondered why… These emails are a result of upcoming changes in the EU in regards to the data protection and privacy of individuals located in the region. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on 25th May 2018 and has companies worldwide reviewing their website and online marketing practices in light of it. Its aim is [...]

BEYOND THE BASICS: Exploring a website’s full potential with Creative VA

Q: How long ago did you make the trusting leap to start your business and what was the catalyst that told you "hey, I can actually do this and do it well"? A: After feeling really unfulfilled  in my ‘day job’ and the longing of branching out on my own, I just took the leap and started Creative VA 9 months ago. I knew I wanted to do something for myself but not quite clear on the what.

Moving to HTTPS for your WordPress website

One thing’s for sure. Life is moving fast and with it, technology is always changing and evolving. And from time to time, you’ll need to make updates to your website to reflect that. Whether it’s your website’s user experience that demands an overhaul or Google setting new standards for website best practice, it’s inevitable that change will take place. There’s a couple of things that you may have noticed when browsing your favourite websites: Website URL’s starting with https:// (with the ‘s’ [...]

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BEYOND THE BASICS: Exploring a website’s full potential with Nell Casey Creative

As a copywriter I honestly still get a thrill every time I see my words live on a website. But more than that, I like to know that my words are making a difference for my clients. The best feedback I get is when my clients tell me how much their customers connect with their copy or buy as a result of a really funny or engaging product description.

Changing website page URLs the right way

The beauty of the online world is its connectedness. An action is rarely an isolated event but rather it creates a ripple effect and its reach is wide. The potential then for opportunities is immense, which is really quite remarkable. And then the downside is needing to always take into account that ripple effect and its potential for things to go wrong. A page or post that has been published for a while has already been noticed by Google and [...]

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BEYOND THE BASICS: Exploring a website’s full potential with IT’S THE NOW

It’s easy to view your website as just another marketing tool. Sure, it can definitely play a big role in generating sales but it is so much more than that. I like to view it as a book cover. Like it or not, we judge a book by its cover and the same is true when viewing a website. It’s the book cover of your business. And that’s just the beginning of its potential. In this blog series, I [...]