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Changing website page URLs the right way

The beauty of the online world is its connectedness. An action is rarely an isolated event but rather it creates a ripple effect and its reach is wide. The potential then for opportunities is immense, which is really quite remarkable. And then the downside is needing to always take into account that ripple effect and its potential for things to go wrong. A page or post that has been published for a while has already been noticed by Google and [...]

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BEYOND THE BASICS: Exploring a website’s full potential with IT’S THE NOW

It’s easy to view your website as just another marketing tool. Sure, it can definitely play a big role in generating sales but it is so much more than that. I like to view it as a book cover. Like it or not, we judge a book by its cover and the same is true when viewing a website. It’s the book cover of your business. And that’s just the beginning of its potential. In this blog series, I [...]

Who I use and recommend for website hosting

The company you use to host your website is important and there are many factors to look at when choosing the right one for your needs. Your website hosting company is responsible for a lot : your website speed, support if something goes wrong and saving regular backups of your website that you can easily install if needed. And if you use this company to host your business emails, add that to the list too. In 2017 I moved my [...]

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All in good time. Letting go of business perfection

I started my web design business in 2009 with a dream of creating beautiful and functional websites for small businesses. All of those confusing, cluttered and less-than-attractive websites would be mine to transform! And that’s what I focussed on. There have been a couple of siestas from time to time for Resonant Imagery but the dream has held strong. I’m pretty amazed at how far my business has come. As with all ventures, there are ups and downs, times of [...]

How to resize and crop photos for your website

In my many years of designing websites for a growing number of clients, perhaps one of the most asked questions from them when they're editing their website or drafting a blog post is, "how do I resize a photo for my website?". Either they're needing to crop a photo to a set of exact dimensions or they need to reduce the file size for their website (because no one likes a super large image that takes forever to load). Website [...]

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3 ongoing SEO tasks that’ll show Google you mean business

You’ve heard me say it before, “Your website is never finished” and I’ve come to realise it’s similar to renovating your house. Once the bathroom and kitchen are done and the house is painted inside and out, it feels finished and very liveable. A new home you can be proud of. After the initial excitement of completing those major and challenging jobs starts to wear off, there’s that realisation that there’s still more you’d like to do to really make [...]

Knowing when to take the DIY-website path

When you’re just starting out in business, the to-do list is endless. There are literally pages of tasks to tick off and the feeling of overwhelm is huge. From the administrative set up of a small business to all the elements that make up the marketing side of things, there’s lots to do. Pretty high on your to-do list is your website and we all understand just how important it is. It’s the online destination of choice for your desired [...]

How your website can benefit from engaging website content

It’s pretty important to have a visually pleasing website. Really, we all judge a book by its cover, even though we know there’ll still be gems inside if the cover doesn’t immediately grab us. And we all know we do this with websites too. Surely I’m not the only one who cringes when you land on a website that doesn’t captivate, that looks like it was designed back in the nineties and that appears to have zero logic with how [...]

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