The Importance of Growing Your Email List

Separate from our Facebook followers and other social media ways of connecting with people who are genuinely interested in our services, we have email addresses. Perhaps you're a yoga teacher who has a good following of regular students who want to know about all of the classes you teach around town. Perhaps you're a natural therapist with [...]

The Power of Professional Photography

An essential ingredient for engaging online marketing is photos. Words are important too and they can convey your message loud and clear. With our audiences having less and less time and concentration for reading, photos and imagery convey a 'feeling' about your business in an instant. This is their power and it shouldn't be seen [...]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Newsletters

We have all had extensive experience writing emails to friends, family members and to clients. And then we go to write our business' email newsletters. Can't be that different from normal emails, right? Well, it's different. Definitely different. When composing our email newsletters, we need to think of them as another form of marketing, as [...]