You’ve got your website and there’s only one missing link: your email marketing. It’s perhaps the most important tool you own. Collecting email addresses of your ideal clients and customers and being able to communicate with them on an ongoing basis; it’s gold. Unlike your followers on social media, your email list is something you own, not Mr Zuckerberg, so it’s vital that it’s setup properly. And that your newsletter matches your brand.

Let’s get your business set up for email marketing mastery!

mailchimp setup

Resonant Imagery will take care of everything and our tutorials will mean you can send newsletters with ease.

The inclusions

mailchimp template design melbourne

  • Set up of your main newsletter list

  • Professional MailChimp template design

  • Design of sign up emails

  • Sign up form added to your website

  • Sign up tick box added to your website’s contact form

  • Testing of the set up and template

  • Access to comprehensive online tutorials

Quality design with a fast turnaround

All of this will be delivered within a few business days.  We will need a few things from you and then we’ll take care of the rest. Ready to get started?

Let’s start the process