How your website can benefit from engaging website content

It’s pretty important to have a visually pleasing website. Really, we all judge a book by its cover, even though we know there’ll still be gems inside if the cover doesn’t immediately grab us. And we all know we do this with websites too.

Surely I’m not the only one who cringes when you land on a website that doesn’t captivate, that looks like it was designed back in the nineties and that appears to have zero logic with how to journey through it. Surely you’re going to fault the business accordingly. If their website is like that, just imagine what their customer service is like!

You get it. A beautifully designed and easy to navigate website is important. Then you start reading a website’s first sentence, which should perfectly sum up what the business is all about. How many times do you start reading a website’s content and feel completely lost about what the business actually does? For me, it’s often and it’s such a wasted opportunity to connect.

Believe me, it’s an art form in getting a website’s content just right. And it’s not my art, that’s for sure. As a web designer, I design and build engaging websites and make sure that there’s a logical flow, all leading to an obvious Call to Action. I don’t write website copy (aka content) as it’s not my expertise. My clients then have a choice: to write their own copy or to outsource it to a professional copywriter. Usually my clients opt to put their own pen to paper for an obvious reason: they know their business better than anyone.

Writing your own website copy can be a highly rewarding and insightful experience. You’ll really start to explore the ins and outs of your services, why you do what you do and how you want your desired clients to get in touch with you. Often though, it’s a difficult task to write about yourself and your business. We all think it should be the easiest thing in the world to do, seeing as we live and breathe it everyday, but it’s hard. It’s hard to take a step back and view our business from our clients’ perspectives, which is how we should be writing our website content.

My clients, more often than not, take longer than they think to give me their website copy. This task that they take on with open arms quickly becomes Mount Everest for them to conquer. This is usually the case, except for one recent client, Nell Casey, a copywriter. Remember when I said that copywriting is an art form? Well, Nell is an artist and it’s amazing what she can do with words. She delivered her website copy to me before the deadline and it was a dream to work with. Nell used every opportunity available to connect with her ideal client through her words and she weaved her story and her ‘why’ throughout her website pages so effortlessly. Seriously, you should check out her website and read it for yourself.

Sure you know your business better than anyone but there’s something magical in getting an expert to write about it and bring it to life, someone who will use your brand voice and your desired clients as their audience. It’s such a skill to write in an engaging way, so there’s little doubt in your desired clients’ minds as to why they should work with you. That’s the end goal and it’s something that a copywriter can do better than anyone.

I get it. Copywriting can be a challenging and daunting task when all you want is a stunning website and to do more of what you love to do. That is why Nell and I have teamed up to offer the ultimate website package: Aspire & Align. Website design coupled with engaging copy, perfect for anyone just starting out in a small business. Explore the package and all its inclusions >

And the best thing: you’ll want people to judge you and your business by your amazing website.

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