Finding BALANCE in a Moment

As I sit in the early stages of a client’s brochure design, with sketch book in hand, I find that I have come to a road block. A road block of creativity, of flow. I find my mind telling me to persevere, to push through it. I find my body telling me to take a moment, a moment of no-doing. At this crossroad, I choose to listen to my body and I take that moment just to sit, to observe thoughts as they arise and to also observe their passing.

This moment leads to many more such moments and leads me further away from my sketch book to my yoga mat. I stretch instead of sketch. Is this procrastination at its best? Sure, that’s one way of looking at it. Another way is considering it BALANCE. And this is how I work best.


Maybe for you, finding your balance means to go for a walk, or to grab a cup of tea and sit. I believe that intuitively we all have a vice such as this. These vices allow us to create space around our work. They allow for more objective thinking to take place and view the bigger picture when we do return to our work. With time and reflection, we can know when these breaks in work are procrastination or balance.

I return to my sketch book and I review what is in front of me. With my new perspective I can now see what to change and what to add to the design. I once again find my flow and before long I feel content and satisfied with the finished sketch. Balance is key.


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