At the end of 2015, The CoworkCo hosted a planning workshop for the year ahead, with the aim of attracting more of what we want in our lives and our business. To be honest, I’ve always been one to slightly cringe at creating vision boards in the past, but when I’ve worked on them, they turned out to be the perfect planning tool. So with a tonne of magazines and giant sheet of cardboard, I started ripping out images of all subject matters to bring my vision board together. I didn’t have a theme in mind, rather I intuitively picked things that resonated: images of friends spending time together, bright and inspiring office spaces, luscious nature shots and handwritten quotes that sang of insights I wanted to embody.

My vision board took shape and at its completion, I took a step back and really soaked up the bigger picture in front of me. It became obvious in a second which word would form 2016 for me; it was as if it leaped out of the collage and completely filled my energy field. One word. EASE.

What a word! Doesn’t it divinely sum up so many desires and inspirational quotes that we so want to live by: follow the path of least resistance, find the flow, follow your intuition and so many more that can be encapsulated by this one word. How often do we fall into the trap of thinking that we always have to work insanely hard to be successful, that life’s a struggle? What if our business, our relationships, our finances and our interaction with the world could stem from a solid foundation of ease, rather than a base that’s full of fear?

Sure, there will always be challenges that will try to shake us with their earthquake-like force. For me though, there’s a deep knowingness that says a foundation of ease, trust and love will always stand the test of time when compared to a foundation of fear, worry and stress. Does that feel true for you too?

I remember leaving that workshop with my word and my vision board feeling optimistic for the year ahead, that things would fall into place… that there would be breathing space and I would be supported through it all.

website vision board

Fast-forward to the present with 2016 almost at its half way mark and it’s fitting to check in with that bigger picture. Okay, so not all of this year so far has been easeful and there were a couple of months earlier in the year when I lost sight of ease, similar to how New Year’s resolutions quickly fall from memory. Recently though, I’ve tapped into it again and you know what, it’s such a good place to be.

It actually feels just like my yoga practice. There’s an energetic flow; there’s a challenging element that helps to release any blocks; there are moments for deep breathing and sitting in time; there are moments of intensity but also moments of stillness. Most of all there’s a commonality shining through it all. Ease.

Often the ease comes when I get out of my own way. It’s like the saying, “If it’s not a Hell YES, it’s a No”. When I choose to listen to my intuition with little doubt and without the fear of saying “No” to what doesn’t feel right, this is when the ease really makes itself known. From that place, magic can happen and it’s glorious how life then manifests itself.

And from this place, I invite you to take a moment and honestly reflect on the level of ease in your life and your business. Is there an abundance of ease? Or have you been reading this post wishing the whole time to feel this ‘ease’ I speak of? If so, which steps can you take to invite more of it in? Maybe it’s setting aside quality you-time for self care. Maybe it’s outsourcing some business tasks so that you can feel on top of things. Whatever the inspiration you receive in this moment, listen to that and actually make a point to put it into action.

Wishing you ease and flow and intuitive action. You are so worthy!