We have all had extensive experience writing emails to friends, family members and to clients. And then we go to write our business’ email newsletters. Can’t be that different from normal emails, right? Well, it’s different. Definitely different.

When composing our email newsletters, we need to think of them as another form of marketing, as another reminder to your clients that you are around and available for business. And all forms of marketing require a ‘call to action’. It should be clear to your reader what you would like them to do NEXT. Make it plainly clear to them.

So how can we do this? How can we get the most out of our email newsletters?

Call to Action

Our email newsletter ‘call to action’ can be one or a few of the following:

Visiting your Website

more info example

This is the big one. Refrain from giving away all your info in your email newsletter. Rather, give you reader a short and sweet taste of your info and then have the all important “more info” or “read more” link, encouraging them to visit your website. Perhaps the link is to your workshop registration form, to your full blog post, or a new product you’re offering. Make sure your link to directing your reader to the specific page where they can actually read more, rather than a link to your homepage. Again, help your reader as much as you can, so that they don’t feel lost or confused.

Connecting with you on Social Media pages

social media buttons

In your email newsletter design, include clear buttons that link to your social media pages. This is another important way to increase the number of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ and another way for your clients to have that constant reminder that you and your business still exist.

Contacting with you via email or phone

These more traditional means of getting in touch are still very valid and should be included in your email newsletter (that is, if you want to be contacted via these methods). If you have a physical shopfront or studio, be sure to include your address. Again, help your reader remember all the who, what, where, when, why’s about you.

Keep your newsletter layout simple

These days it can be difficult to engage with your audience for longer than a brief minute, so be sure to make your newsletter layout simple and ‘clean’ (not too busy with info). Often a one-column newsletter is more engaging than multiple columns. And it’s easier to read.

Have a consistent design

It helps your readers if your design is similar to that of your website and other marketing materials. This will help your reader recognise you quicker and your ‘brand’ gets more exposure.

Grow your email list

One vital way to continually grow your email list is to include a newsletter sign up box on your website. This is made easy by using a Email Newsletter program (such as MailChimp), as they provide you with the necessary code for your website. Then, when an interested potential client adds their email to your sign up box, it automatically gets added to your email list.


So, how do your Email Newsletters stack up? Remember, I’m here to help if you need a revamp of your current design, or if you need help to start at the beginning.