You’ve got your website and it may be a slick, professionally designed one or it may be DIY. Wherever you are on this spectrum, there’s one question that’s relevant to us all: How can I make my website better?

You’ve heard me say it before: your website is never finished. It’s a fluid, evolving presentation of where your business is at, what you offer and who you love to work with. Right? Or, is it a glimpse of where your business was at last year and you’ve yet to update it?

I know, your website is just one more thing that you add to your to-do list each month, and hope you’ll actually get around to tweaking it this month.

Tweaking your website doesn’t mean you need to set aside days in your schedule. As with any task that seems monumental, just choose one little thing that you really want to improve on your website. Have a list of a few things you want to do and then just pick one of them for this month. And then another one next month.

When it comes to any form of marketing, your website included, always have these questions in mind:

  • How can I make this better for my target client?
  • How can my message be easily conveyed so that it’s a no-brainer for them to engage my service (or buy my product)?
  • How can I simplify the engagement process (whether it be the checkout process, the sign up now process or the let’s get started process)?

And if it feels all too much like ‘where do I even start?’, here are some tips on ways you can make your website better.

Your homepage

I like to think of your homepage as a neat overall summary of your website as a whole. You’re giving your website visitor a sneak peek at your main services, a little bit about you and/or your business, and an overview of your why you do what you do.

Some questions to ask yourself about this all-important page:

  • Does your tagline or first sentence clearly give your website visitors an idea of what your business offers?
  • If you’re the face of your business, do you have a professional photo of you on your homepage? It’s the quickest way you can connect with people
  • Is it clear where you want people to go to next? Is it your Services page, Shop page, About page or your Form page (for people who already know they want to work with you)? Button links make these destinations super clear
  • Does your homepage contain at least one testimonial or product review? People want to hear positive stories about how your product or service has changed other people’s lives. Seriously, testimonials are the next best thing to word of mouth referrals

Your contact form

Often your contact form is the primary way that you want people to engage with your service. It could appear on your website as the enquiry form, make an appointment form, or request a quote form. As this form is highly important and the first step that people make in engaging with your service, you want it to be meaningful. Is your form:

  • Asking enough questions to get a good picture of where this potential client is at and what they’re wanting your help with?
  • Asking how they found you? Give them meaningful options to choose from (such as a Google search, Facebook group, friend) and then give them a field to write more details. This data is soooo helpful in knowing which kinds of marketing activities are working for you
  • Asking too many questions that people will then take one look at it and put it in the too hard basket?

Call to Actions

How long has it been since you click through your website, just like your website visitor would? Go to your homepage and click on one of your pages, such as your Services page. Read through the content… do you get to the bottom of the page and there’s zero hint about where to head to next? Make a note of this because the page you’re on needs a Call to Action! What’s the next step you want people to take? It could be:

  • A short and concise message about “now that you know we’re a good fit…” and button that says “let’s get started”.
  • Provide a button link to your Contact page, your About page or your Portfolio/Case Studies page.
  • Insert a Newsletter signup form.

The appropriate Call to Action depends on which page it’s on. It might be something you want to play with over time. You can use Google Analytics to track how people flow through your website. If you notice that people aren’t using your desired Call to Action and instead are heading somewhere else, go back to that page in question and start thinking about why. Does the page need more information on it that people are then seeking elsewhere? Should your Call to Action be changed to where your website users are actually going to?


In an ideal world, your website is a smooth sailing journey from one page to the next. The best way to achieve this? Consistency. Make sure that your page styling, tone of voice and photography lighting are consistent throughout your website. I often come across websites with amazingly designed and written homepages only to find the rest of the website quickly loses that appeal.

Spend some time on your homepage and then your other website pages.

  • Are the quirky graphic elements of your homepage visible elsewhere?
  • Have you edited pages at different times and your tone of voice is a little off on some of them?
  • Could you invest in a photography shoot to ensure your imagery is not only consistent but also of a highly engaging quality?

Let’s make a start

If you action just one of these tips today, this week, or this month, your website will be better than it was yesterday. And how good will that feel! Be sure to share with me what you did in the comments below… you might inspire someone else to make some all-important website improvements.