Even though the Resonant Imagery Instagram account is still in its infancy, I’ve already come to appreciate this platform as an incredible way to connect with my community and to expand my reach. And I love that Instagram is creative by nature; that the Instagrammers I follow take the time and space to share quality photos and images and to write inspiring captions. My Instagram feed is truly inspirational and a little addictive to look at…

If you have recently joined Instagram and are a little unsure about how to get the most out of this platform, here are some handy tips to assist you:

Share good quality photos

Okay, so not everyone is a professional photographer but take the time to experiment with your camera or smart phone to get better at taking inspiring photos. Use a photo editing app (I regularly use VSCO cam) or the Instagram filters to help make your photo engaging. If you still aren’t impressed with the photos you’re taking, perhaps signing up to a photography and social media workshop can help.

Use hashtags

Like them or not, hashtags are extremely useful in categorising your Instagram posts and with growing your community. They can help connect with you other like-minded people. You can use your own made up hashtags but these are more for fun. Using hashtags with common keywords will help you connect with others.

For example, a yoga-related Instagram post can use some of these relevant hashtags:

#yoga #namaste #(nameofyogapose) #meditation
#yogisofinstagram #yogaforlife
#yogaeveryday #igyoga #yogalove

And these are just for starters. If you offer your services locally, you will want to add a hashtag of your service and your town, such as #yogabrisbane.

Use hashtags but don’t over do it! A good amount of hashtags is around five per photo. When you’re adding more than ten hashtags, it starts to look a bit ‘spammy’ and a little desperate for likes.

Commenting on Instagram

When a follower takes the time to comment on your photo, take the time to thank them. If a comment looks like spam, the best practice is to just ignore it; it’s not worth your time! Thanking people for their comment is just one way to show your appreciation to your community.

If you’re used to commenting on Facebook, Instagram is a little different. If someone comments on your photo, Instagram will notify you of it. When you reply to someone’s comment on your photo, you need to tag their Instagram name, otherwise they won’t get notified. So, when you’re thanking someone for their comment or replying to their question, use the ‘@’ symbol and start typing their name. Select their account when it appears.

Follow inspiring people

So you’ve signed up for Instagram… now who to follow? Your friends are a good place to start, of course. Then, take the time to expand your community. Follow your peers. When you come across an inspiring website and the business has an Instagram account, follow them. Have a look at your favourite hashtags and who else is using them and then follow the accounts that you find inspiring.

Don’t take it to heart if you follow someone and they don’t follow you back. A lot of the time they will though. Just focus on creating the most inspiring feed possible, full of other soulful entrepreneurs. Refrain from following people just because they guarantee a follow-for-follow. Again, ignore the spammers and concentrate on liking quality posts and following quality Instagrammers.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help though and invest in some expert training. We can often think that social media is something we can do ourselves and that it’s straightforward. Some expert advice can make all the difference between bluffing your way through it and being confident with your style. Last year I invested one Saturday morning of my time into learning some valuable tips and tricks from one of the best – Claire Deane of Claire Deane Marketing. She runs regular workshops on all things social media. Highly recommended.

Instagram. Above all, let your creativity flow on this platform. Be inspired by others. Create a community of like-minded souls.