melbourne digital nomad

Back in September I started telling friends and clients (many of whom fall into both categories) that I was planning to move to Melbourne. The number one response I got in return was, “I can so see you living there!”. Really? I wasn’t exactly sure why people who knew me were saying this but it did boost my confidence in knowing that I was on the right path. After spending much of this year as a digital nomad, it was refreshing to hear that I could potentially fit in somewhere, anywhere for that matter!

The original inspiration for the move was multifaceted but came down to a few key reasons:

  • There would be so much potential for collaborations in such a creative city;
  • There’s always something going on and communities to be a part of; and
  • A few close friends inhabit the city.

So without really questioning these reasons, the city itself or the timing, I moved in November and I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried. With the last month of spring, most of the cool days that tended to linger from winter had mostly disappeared and the days were perfect for cycling the streets of the inner north. This time of year has a natural way of being festive too, with regular gatherings of friends, fun gigs to dance at, the best op shops to explore and yummy food galore. A nearby bestie made sure that I was welcomed with open arms and anyone who has taken a leap into the unknown will know, friends can make all the difference and it proved to be oh so true for me. #forevergrateful

Having trusted my intuition to make the move, I also trusted that things would fall into place easily… it actually was my mantra for months in the lead up. And you know what? It worked. It worked out so well that I’m still blown away with the ease of it all. A month before the move, I found my dream house, a cute mid-Victorian in the heart of the inner city, sharing with the most generous and lovely couple. Mel and I were connected by a mutual friend and after a 20 minute chat on the phone, we were both sold on living together. I didn’t even need to see the house in person; I trusted (there’s that magical word again) in the ease and refrained from second guessing.

Situated in Carlton North, right on the cusp of Brunswick, I feel that I’m truly part of it. I love the fact that my lifestyle enables me to rarely visit the CBD and that everything is accessible by bicycle, or a short tram or bus ride. Honestly, the area feels so much like a community… something that is pretty rare and quite remarkable for such a big city.

Melbourne is known being a hub for creatives so it was unsurprising to find out that it’s well-equipped for entrepreneurs and digital nomads., with an abundance of cafes to work at and a large variety of coworking spaces to discover. Just a short bike ride from me is The CoWork Co, a coworking space that I initially discovered on Instagram earlier in the year. Back then I had an inkling that I would one day come to call the space “Resonant Imagery’s home away from home”. Already it’s proven itself to be a perfect spot, with my 2-day-a-week membership coming with so many extra goodies. Yoga classes have just started up in the space and members are rewarded with a free class a week (yep, did I say how perfect this space is for me?!). The studio is filled with a community of such welcoming and authentic people. I couldn’t be happier.

So it really is sounding all peaches for me in this new city and overall, it is. That isn’t to say that I haven’t had moments of “what am I doing here?!” and “I miss my dear friends and family in Brisbane…”, because I have. But those moments are getting fewer and further apart the more I find my stride in Melbourne. And you know what? My friends were right; I too can see myself staying here for a good while and I’m happy to be calling it “home”.