Winter is naturally a time to retreat, to hibernate and to flow with what we have created during the warmer months. Naturally also, our business may slow down with less clients coming our way. With less work, it is easy to become complacent and a bit lazy. Rather than retreating ourselves from our business too much, these winter months can provide us with valuable time for contemplation and gradual creation.

Winter in Chinese medicine theory is related to the Water element. Water is characterised as being flowing and adaptive to obstacles in its path. We too can find balance in winter by acknowledging these qualities and invoking these in our daily life. If you are finding obstacles in your path or that the drop in clientele is troubling you financially, how can you flow and adapt to these circumstances?

If you are experiencing a drop in numbers, maybe in your yoga class attendance or in the number of enquires for your services, see this time as an opportunity to look inwards at you and your business. Take stock of how your year is progressing so far. Is it flowing in line with your intentions that you set in January? Are there areas that you have neglected because you have been busy during the first half of the year?

Perhaps during these months you are busier than ever and you’re finding it hard to find time to accomplish everything on your plate. With less sunlight hours in the day, we can easily feel that we don’t have enough time and that feeling of being stressed is with us all too often. Regardless of how busy we feel, if we’re honest, there’s always time enough and it comes back to our priorities and our use of time. It’s vital in winter to nurture ourselves and not to work on overdrive. Find the time to get to yoga or indulge yourself with a massage and you’ll find time starts flowing in your favour.

Enjoy the cooler weather by drinking cups of tea, lounging in a patch of sunlight on your back deck with your favourite blanket. Relax into these moments with a journal in hand. Perhaps use this time to draft a blog post for your website or your upcoming email newsletter. Give yourself and your business this space to be nourished and I’m sure you will be rewarded with the energy to flow and adapt.