Inspired Action Book: Hardcopy

Inspired Action Book: Hardcopy


115 page Hardcopy Book


Conscious online marketing: draw on your passion and vision to showcase your business and connect with your online community in an authentic way. There are no hard sells. There are no aggressive, pushy tactics or desperation in the approach. There’s a natural style and beauty with conscious online marketing and it resonates throughout your offerings like an attractor field.

It’s about a real connection with your inner voice and creating your own online community who will want to support you. The tips contained in this book present a new perspective for you to consider so that you might grow to love marketing your skills and your business… Imagine that!

The online marketing topics covered in this book include:

– Marketing Essentials
– Website Elements
– Email Newsletter Tips
– Social Media Tips
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips

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