Separate from our Facebook followers and other social media ways of connecting with people who are genuinely interested in our services, we have email addresses. Perhaps you’re a yoga teacher who has a good following of regular students who want to know about all of the classes you teach around town. Perhaps you’re a natural therapist with numerous clients who visit you week to week and would love to know your top tips for healthy eating or how to overcome certain aliments. These are the people who are more than happy to give you their email address and are actually so eager to give it to you in order to hear more of what you do and the knowledge you have.

The email addresses of our current and potential clients are perhaps the most important asset of our business. They are a real tool for communicating directly with people who want to hear from us so it’s important to know how to keep your email list healthy and forever growing.


Collecting Email Addresses

If you’re a service-based entrepreneur, you will have a new client form which is either online or hard copy. Make sure to include an email newsletter-type question on the form, such as “Would you like to stay up to date with tips and news from <name of business>? Please tick yes or no.”. If you are running a workshop, have a questionnaire for attendees to fill out while they wait for the event to begin. You can include some valuable questions that will help with organising future workshops that are of interest to the group, as well as including the email newsletter question.

Your valued clients come to you for a reason. They are genuinely interested in the services you have to offer. Collecting their email addresses when you can is not being pushy or overdoing your marketing. Your clients want to hear from you and what you will be offering in the future. They want to be reminded of your services from time to time. They want to hear about all the good things you’re doing, or will be doing.

Other emails can be collected via your website and this is a good way of receiving emails from people that you haven’t yet met and are interested or intrigued by your website and services. These are your potential clients. They may not instantly sign up for a yoga class or treatment but they’re thinking about it. It may even be a year from when they sign up to when they’ll actually engage with your services. Because you’re able to keep in touch with them via email, they are being regularly reminded of their intention to follow this up.

Even if you aren’t at a stage just yet to communicate to your clients (in my mind though, you always have something to share with them), it is vital to be collecting their email addresses and storing them safely in one place. Start a Microsoft Excel document to house them or sign up for a free MailChimp account and begin adding them into the database. Make an effort to get this much together, even if you don’t email them straight away with your news.


The Opt­‐in Box

To make it easy for visitors to your website to stay in touch with you and your services, including an opt-in box is such a valuable way to achieve this. Have this box on each and every page of your website. Maybe it’ll sit at the top of your sidebar or it could feature in the footer area (at the bottom of each website page) or could even appear as a pop-­up box.

The pop‐up box can be assigned to appear on a certain page (such as your homepage) and can be set to appear after a certain number of seconds. It will also be disabled for a user once they cancel out of the box, so it won’t show up for them every single time they visit your website. Even though it might seem like an annoying feature, it does work in collecting email addresses.

This is how it works: a visitor comes to your homepage and they start reading your content, scrolling through the list of your services and then your pop-­up box comes up. Because this visitor is engaged with your conscious content and imagery, they’ll be enticed to enter in their email address. After that visitor leaves your website, know that you haven’t lost them for good. They are not lost forever without a way of bringing them back to your website. You have their email address and that is a valuable thing. Just another person you can stay in touch with in the future…. another interested person who could well be a client or class participant in the future.


An Exchange

Visitors to a website may not be completely sold when it comes to giving you their email address. There are definitely times when further enticement is appreciated and that’s when an exchange is useful. Offering your website visitor a gift in exchange for their email address can work wonders in securing a way to communicate with this person in the future.

To offer an exchange of something of value is demonstrating to your website visitors that they are valued, respected and that you are generous. And giving will always be met with receiving, so open up and give. It also helps to show your visitor that their email address means a lot to you and it deserves something in return.

Some ideas for your offering are:

  • a short and sweet e-­book (e.g., sharing some of your lifestyle advice, recipes or a photography look-book);
  • an audio track (e.g., a guided meditation or yoga nidra); and
  • a video (e.g., your favourite yoga sequence).

There’s no time like the present to start collecting email addresses. For tips on what to include in your email newsletters, how to create them and when to send them, my Conscious Online Marketing e-Book helps with providing the answers. If you would like assistance with setting up a MailChimp account and designing your newsletter template, please get in touch. I would love to help.

Original photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo.