The last few days I’ve done what I’ve longed to do for years; I’ve paid for a desk in a large room filled with other creative entrepreneurs. There have been self-imposed barriers to doing this in the past; maybe it was too far to travel or my introspective nature got the better for me. There’s something about travelling though that gives you the courage to try new things. So, the other day I decided to give the coworking concept a go, and I loved it.

The Hive is a newish coworking space in Bangkok and everything about it is slick, well thought out and just a pleasant place to be. I’m usually quite productive working from home but working at The Hive has taken it to a whole new level. My to-do lists have never been ticked off so quickly. So what is it about a coworking space that makes it so productive?

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Being part of a collective

The life of an entrepreneur can be at times a lonely affair. Working for yourself means that you have to make a concerted effort to get out into the world; rather than staying in your comfort zone all day at home. For me, I find that going to yoga is the perfect way to break the home cycle. And working at a coworking space from time to time can also do wonders for the soul and your creativity.

When you’re working in a room full of inspired, motivated people, you can’t help but to be swept up in that momentum and before you know it, you’re producing some of your best work yet.

Back when I worked full time in the corporate world, I used to dislike the open plan office space. But really, I think I mainly disliked the pressure of being productive for eight hours each and every day, regardless of your energy and inspiration levels. Being an entrepreneur and being in charge of your working hours provides so much freedom in comparison.

For instance, yesterday I spent most of the day at The Hive. In the morning (when we are naturally more productive) I worked on some image designs for Riss Carlyon‘s upcoming project and put together some WordPress notes for another client. I continued with a bit more work after lunch but soon there was the usual afternoon lull of energy. And then (and this has got to be a highlight of The Hive), I decided to visit Level 2 of the building and treat myself to an hour of Thai foot massage. Awesome, right? I didn’t feel guilty about it; it was just the perfect thing for me to do for my energy levels and for my creative flow to get restored.

I may not come to The Hive everyday but it’s good to know that I can mix up my work environments at any time and be around a greater collective energy. I’m looking forward to exploring more coworking spaces during my travels. I’ll keep you posted.