It was pretty damn exhilarating to launch my book at the start of this month. And it was a relief to finally it get out of my hands and into the world! I have been amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response that the book has received thus far. The support from my community has also been both inspiring and humbling. What an incredible thing to do… to publish a book!

Interestingly, there has been one question that keeps getting asked when I catch up with friends during this festive season, How did you do it? Obviously there isn’t a straight forward answer to this question. But the truth is, I just started writing and it all seemed to flow from there. That’s the short answer. This blog post is the long answer.


Compiling Information

The best practice tips and insights presented in my book are the result of many years of experience of working in the online marketing field. There have been years of reading blog posts, doing research and attending workshops here and there. So even though the book took six months to write, it really does contain information that I’ve been unknowingly gathering over the years… all leading to this moment.


The Writing Process

I just started writing…. and that is the truth. I literally started with a blank page with the word “Introduction” at the top. Again, it helped that I had copious amounts of information swimming around in my head, ready to be put down on paper. Yes… paper! I wrote most of the book on paper first. Sounds old-school, doesn’t it? For me though, with so many of my working hours spent on the computer, it was a pleasant change to be able to put pen to paper.

writing a book

After each section was drafted, I then typed it up on my laptop and further embellished on what I had written. The book gradually grew. I first thought the book would be short and sweet, which it is to a large extent… I just didn’t foresee that I would end up writing over 20,000 words on the subject of conscious online marketing. There were just too many little gems that had to be shared!

how to write a book



I handed over my baby (a.k.a., my book) to Gitana, my chief editor, which was a momentous thing in itself. She was the first person to read it and it was scary and exciting all at once.

Gitana’s love of the English language and attention to detail shone through the edited draft. And I learned a lot from the edited document too, such as the correct usage of ellipses and semicolons (here’s hoping they are used correctly in this blog post!) and how to format dot points.



With the decision to self-publish my book as both an e-Book and paperback, I needed to design a cover in a variety of sizes. I had the style of fonts, colours and imagery in mind before starting the design process in Adobe Illustrator. Before long, my vision became reality and without even questioning the design, I knew it was what I wanted. It all came together quite beautifully, even my profile photo, taken by Mary Hillier, matched the design perfectly.

book cover design

I also designed some social media and website images to assist with the book launch and sales page.


The Launch

I opted for a bit of a subdued launch. I didn’t host an event and I didn’t build up anticipation for months beforehand. That was probably because of my introverted nature, which I’m 100% okay with. I opted for a bit of hype a few weeks before the self-imposed 1st December launch date. I dropped a few Facebook and Instagram posts and published a sales page on my website. I also invited my email newsletter subscribers to purchase an early-release version of the book at a discounted rate.

As mentioned before, the response on social media was remarkable, with so many congratulatory comments from friends and family… so much support. It is these moments when social media really shines.


Each stage of the book process required dedication, quite a few flat whites and many, many hours of inspiration. It’s not an easy task, writing and publishing a book, but it is worth it in the end. It’s so exciting to know that it’s available to everyone and that the tips contained in the book are of real value to its readers.

Conscious Online Marketing for the Modern Healer is available on the following websites:

  • Amazon – Kindle and paperback,
  • The Book Depository – paperback, and
  • iTunes (search Angela Hammond to find it) – e-Book format.