Maybe this will sound familiar to you… I just realised that I haven’t blogged for two months and I find myself thinking negatively. I’m using the not-so-kind word ‘should’ a lot. I should be more organised. I should have published a post by now. I should be on top of it. Hmmm…

And not having blogged is just for starters, there is a whole list of things that seems to be overwhelming me at the moment. Maybe it’s that my digital nomad lifestyle has caught up with me but really, deep down, I know this feeling of overwhelm is mainly due to neglecting ‘me’. I haven’t checked in with ‘me’ for a while and that in itself is when everything seems to be out of control, too busy and exhausting.

It’s these moments of awareness that can have us at a crossroad. We can either choose to continue down the path of ‘life’s too busy’, or we can choose to check in with ourselves, take some time out to regroup and be all the better for it. It may seem counter-intuitive to selfishly reserve some time for ourselves, as there’s ‘not enough time’ to begin with… but it’s like the classic zen proverb: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” This speaks volumes to the fact that time isn’t a fixed dimension and is so dependant on our state-of-mind to whether there’s too much or too little of it in our lives.

For me, I know that when I gift myself some time for me, I create more time. It’s not really that I create more time but I become more relaxed and at ease with life and in turn I’m able to be more efficient and wise with my time, thus feeling like I have more of it. This morning presented me with one of those moments of awareness where I knew I’ve been chasing my tail for the last couple of weeks. So I chose me instead of choosing my to-do list. I went along to a yoga class, and it wasn’t a strong class either, I purposefully chose a gentle, therapeutic yoga class which I knew was what my body, mind and spirit have been called out for all along. I attended the class without feelings of guilt and stress; rather I made the most of the time away from my computer and enjoyed every moment, giving my practice my full attention. Oh and that savasana at the end was all the more restorative and pure bliss because of it.

If yoga isn’t your thing but you can relate to this feeling of needing to create more time for yourself, try out some of these activities:

Spend time in nature
Go somewhere green and lush if possible. Green is the colour of our heart chakra, so anytime we find this colour in nature, we naturally fill ourselves up.

Try qigong or tai chi
Any movement-based flowing activity that draws your awareness inward can really do wonders for our sense of time and connection.

Meditation and /or contemplation
Even if just for five minutes, sit in meditation or contemplation. Take the time to just sit without any distractions. Put your phone on ‘airplane mode’, put your computer to sleep and find a quiet spot either inside if it’s indeed quiet, or outside in a place where you feel comfortable and at ease.

I never used to journal but for the past couple of months it’s become a regular go-to activity to fill me up. I even bought a beautifully created notebook and a flowing felt-tip pen just for it. Most of the time I take this stationery set to a favourite café that isn’t too busy, order a pot of tea and write… just allowing the words to pour out of me without a filter helps to release and let go of pent-up thoughts and emotions I’ve been holding onto.

Maybe you have a different activity that you engage in to fill yourself up. We, the Resonant Imagery community, would love to hear it. Write it in the comment section below.

Photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo.