An essential ingredient for engaging online marketing is photos. Words are important too and they can convey your message loud and clear. With our audiences having less and less time and concentration for reading, photos and imagery convey a ‘feeling’ about your business in an instant. This is their power and it shouldn’t be seen as anything less than magical.

Your website requires this power to be at its forefront. Photos that are professional, thoughtful and invoking do so much for representing your business.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Robyn Mill for Zen Central Yoga Studio‘s photo shoot. The photo shoot took place during their Spring Yoga Intensive, so it was an early morning class filled with both yoga teachers and yoga students. It turned out to be the perfect setting. The morning light filled the room and the mix of yoga participants showed real people at each stage of their yoga journey.

Watching Robyn in action was a thing of beauty too. At times she sat back and observed the class in progress. Other times she discretely positioned herself around the studio to gain perfect vantage points. Robyn, being a yoga teacher herself and a long-term participant of Zen Central’s classes and courses, intuitively knew what we were wanting. And the photos speak for themselves. Lots of light, smiles and a sense of community shining through. Here’s just some of the collection of photos we received.

Working with Zen Central Yoga Studio, I’m now able to integrate these images into their website content, email newsletters and social media. Having a catalogue of professional photos to work with makes online marketing easier and consistent across platforms.

Professional photography. It really is worth the investment!