The Right Time to Send Your Email Newsletter

It’s a tricky thing to predict when you’ll get the most activity from your email newsletter. When will you get the most ‘opens’? The most amount of ‘clicks’? The least amount of ‘unsubscribes’?

You put quality time, thought and love into your newsletters and it can be disheartening when they achieve less than desired results.

Timing: When to send your email newsletters?

There’s a whole multitude of reasons as to why some of your newsletters do better than others. One of them is timing. When to send out your glorious newsletter? When will people engage the most? Morning vs afternoon vs night; during the week vs the weekend. Ultimately you want to catch your audience when they have time to read and engage with it, rather than when they feel rushed.

Here’s a look at some stats compiled by MailChimp that looks at the most frequent engagement times for email newsletters. Note that these stats don’t take into account the industry that you’re working in.


best time of day newsletter


best day of week newsletter

Interesting, aren’t they? From these stats the best time to send your newsletter would be in the afternoon and mid-week is probably the best bet too.  Again, this may not be the case for your particular industry or for your set of contacts. And you may have an international audience that you need to be mindful of. But this does give you some food for thought. Being eager and sending out your newsletter first thing Monday morning probably won’t do you any favours.

The best thing for you to do is to experiment by sending out your newsletters on different days and different times to get a better sense of when you’ll get the best engagement from your audience. Take particular notice of the open and click-through rates and your unsubscribes. Compare these statistics and I’m sure you’ll find a  particular trend for you.

Timing: How often to send your email newsletters?

Another tricky thing to get right. Your impulse may be to send out many newsletters a month, so that people will get to see at least one of them. But is this helping you in the end? Personally when I start to receive ‘too many’ newsletters from a business, my immediate response is to unsubscribe. So the big question is, how much is too many?

My approach is the timeless practice of “less is more”. 1 or 2 newsletters a month fits into this category. Social media is there for regular status updates and people will join you on these to receive more frequent information from you. Newsletters are a bit more special than that though and you need to take care of your subscribers, without leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

The best advice is again to experiment, and watch the number of unsubscribes you receive and the engagement level of your audience. The truth is there, if you make the time.


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