You’ve heard me say it before, “Your website is never finished” and I’ve come to realise it’s similar to renovating your house. Once the bathroom and kitchen are done and the house is painted inside and out, it feels finished and very liveable. A new home you can be proud of.

After the initial excitement of completing those major and challenging jobs starts to wear off, there’s that realisation that there’s still more you’d like to do to really make it your own. Wouldn’t it be great to build a herb and vegie garden in the backyard?! And let’s build a fence! But not just any fence… a fence that’ll have the neighbours in awe for weeks. And the list goes on (and time for a new Trello board…).

House renos are never really done (just ask my DIY addict of a partner) because over time there are always new ways to bring in your personality, allowing your space to evolve as you do. And it’s the same for your website.

Not only is creating fresh content good for keeping your website looking and feeling current, Google also likes to see you make regular changes and additions to your website because it shows that you’re active in your business and that you’re still in operation. Those little robots are pretty cluey like that.

There are a myriad of ways to show Google that you mean business (now and into the future) and not only that, your desired clients and customers will welcome the inspiration to visit or revisit your website. Remember: All roads lead to your website. That’s the main Call To Action for all your marketing activities, whether it is being social on Instagram, answering questions within a quality Facebook group or sharing your latest insight to your email subscribers. Your website needs fresh and engaging content to give your people a reason to check in again and again.

And that brings me to the #1 way of impressing Google:

  1. Create new content regularly

Whether it’s in the form of a blog post, an upcoming event or a new product, you are wanting to publish new content regularly.

  1. Review your keywords from time to time

Chances are your website designer used good keywords on each of your website pages that were relevant at the time of its big launch. Has your industry changed at all since then? Are people using slightly different keyword phrases to find businesses similar to yours? You might also want to experiment with them to see what works better for driving traffic to your website. Again, it’s never finished and it’s always evolving.

  1. Don’t only rely on Google searches for your website traffic

Google loves to see that people are visiting your website. It’s kind of like a popularity contest: the more visitors you get from a variety of quality sources, the more Google is likely to rank your website higher in searches. And the beauty of this is we have the tools freely available to us to achieve it. Be active on your social media platforms of choice and share your new website content, share valuable insights and give your online community reasons to find out more about you via your website. Send newsletters with unique and helpful content to your awesome subscribers… they want to hear from you! Entice them to finish reading your new blog post over at your website. Other ways to increase your readership is guest blogging on a website that has a bigger following than yours and making sure you’ve got a listing on all relevant industry associations, if applicable.


Only three tasks! How good is that?! I know, they can be time consuming tasks and they can easily be forgotten when your workload gets the better of your well-intentioned planning. Making them a priority is key though. Think of them as non-negotiables, similar to your client work or your product development. Know that the energy you regularly spend on your business will come back to you in bucket loads. It’ll be worth it, just like the amazing fire pit area that’s on your DIY to-do list.