As we are nearing the final month of Spring, it is time to evaluate and recreate our approach to our business. Use the Spring energy wisely to look into new strategies to increase our exposure to the people who can best benefit from our services and / or products. The online arena is always changing, always evolving, so it’s important to check in with these developments and decide how they can best suit our business.

One of our main online goals is to be seen on Google. Without spending loads of money on achieving this goal, there are practical and affordable ways to get closer to this goal.

Here are our top tips for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Some may be appropriate to your business, some may not be relevant to you. Take the time though to give it some thought.


Content is King

Gone are the days when dropping as many keywords as we can on our homepage means that we’ll be favoured more highly on Google. Gone are the days when homepages go on and on and on, with the neverending scroll bar on the side (makes me cringe!). Now it’s more important to have quality content, over quantity. Content should be engaging, with your main keywords mentioned in the title, main heading and briefly in your content, without going over board. Content also needs to be changing, kept up-to-date and relevant.

Suggestions for relevant, ever changing content:

• Having a section on your homepage that features upcoming events, current special offers, industry news. This also makes it easier for visitors to your website to get up-to-date info quickly.

• Having a blog on your website does well to keep our content up to date and gets your audience interacting with you online. It’s a bit of a responsibility though, only consider having a blog if you’re prepared to write regularly, such as once a month or more.

• Incorporate popular keyword phrases in your blog posts and events so that they are more likely to catch Google’s eye.


Linking it all up

Google is always impressed when there are credible links to your website. Credible links include a listing (with a link to your website) on your industry association, and / or directory’s website. eg. Zen Central Yoga Studio has a listing on Find Yoga, or list your business on Natural Therapy pages, both of which come with a price tag. Other online directories allow you to list your website for free, such as Gumtree and TrueLocal. If you have a physical shopfront, it’s important to add your business to Google Maps as well.


Be Social

Social Media is the new black and perhaps it’s time to get with this trend. Social Media includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Perhaps it’s enough to be a member of one or two of these, or if you’re a social butterfly, perhaps all of them. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Some will suit you better than others. For me, Facebook and Instagram seem to resonate more than the others.

The trick with Social Media is to be an active member and to contribute content that is engaging for your audience. Active means posting on the site more than once a week. Engaging content ranges from your latest products or services, latest industry news, inspiring quotes, local events you’re supporting, the list goes on…think outside the box.

Being an active member on these websites is one thing, having enough people engaging with your content is another. That’s the other tricky bit…getting more ‘likes’ on facebook, more ‘followers’ on Twitter, more ‘connections’ on LinkedIn. It takes time to build up your audience, or we could pay for this to happen quicker, particularly on Facebook. Spending $30 on a Facebook Ad could score you 40 or more likes, and means that you reach out to more people outside of your ‘friends’.

And these social media websites all provide you with yet another valuable link to your website.


Because afterall, we just want to be noticed…