The company you use to host your website is important and there are many factors to look at when choosing the right one for your needs. Your website hosting company is responsible for a lot : your website speed, support if something goes wrong and saving regular backups of your website that you can easily install if needed. And if you use this company to host your business emails, add that to the list too.

In 2017 I moved my website to SiteGround and it wasn’t a hasty decision. I noticed them being mentioned in forums and Facebook groups more and more as a highly recommended and trusted hosting company. I did the research into the service they offer. They ticked lots of boxes for the kind of service I need as well as what my clients regularly need.

Here’s a list of reasons why it became an easy decision to move to SiteGround:

A closer server location means a faster website

The location of your website server has a lot to do with your website speed, making it a highly important factor to the quality of your website. No one likes waiting for a page to load. And Google isn’t very impressed either.

SiteGround offers two server locations: USA and Singapore. Being based in Australia, having my website server based in Asia is a bonus. Whenever someone heads to my website, the data doesn’t have to travel as far and therefore can improve your website speed when compared to hosting your website in the USA. And I experienced this first hand after making the move.

24/7 support without the wait

SiteGround has an Australian phone number for support, as well as live chat (which doesn’t take an hour to get a response) and a fast support ticketing system via email. And support is offered 24/7. It’s rare to find an affordable hosting company with this level of service. Again, I’ve used their support and have been happy with their response time and with their knowledge and investigative skills.

Daily backups that are easy to install if needed

Affordable web hosting companies usually backup your website once a month and then you may have to pay a small fee to install the backup when something goes wrong. SiteGround backs up your website daily and there’s an easy to use backup installation interface as part of the control panel. The backup service captures your website files and database.

Free SSL Certificate through Let’s Encrypt

While reading this blog post, have a quick glance at the top of your internet browser if you’re on a desktop or laptop. Next to this page’s URL, you’ll notice some green text that reads “Secure” with a padlock icon next to it. The start of the URL is also in green (https). You’ll notice the padlock icon next to my website name if you’re reading this on a smaller device too.

So what do these elements mean? They give visitors to my website peace of mind that my website is secure and it can be trusted if you enter your details anywhere on the site. I achieved this green secure status by installing a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate and SiteGround offers this certificate through Let’s Encrypt. There were other steps I had to take to achieve the secure status (a blog post about this coming soon) but at least the certificate was easy and free to obtain and install, which not all website hosts offer.

Not only are visitors to my website given extra reassurance that their data is encrypted, Google will also view this favourably. There’s evidence to suggest that eventually all websites will need to be secure, so better late than never to action this on your website.

Was it easy to change hosting companies?

SiteGround offers to move your website for free. They let you test your website first before you point your domain name to their server, resulting in zero downtime for your website. They also give you 50% off your first year with them and their rates are very reasonable for their level of service.

Take control of the services you’re paying for. Change may seem daunting but ultimately it’s about getting the best level of service for a price that’s affordable.

By providing links to certain service providers, I may earn an affiliate commission for purchases you make. I only promote services that I have really used myself and trust for my business.