Sometimes it feels like everything’s been done before and it’s getting harder to cut through the noise. Everyone has a podcast. Everyone’s making it big on Instagram. And in between all that are the launches, the eBooks, and the courses.

With so many other small businesses doing all the things, it can feel almost impossible to stand out. Yet, it is possible. And it all starts with alignment.

Alignment with your business values.

Alignment with your ideal client.

Alignment with your why.

With these things in mind, there are plenty of ways to get noticed, to make a difference and to get bookings. Here are just 10 ways to make an impact:

1. Show your face

There’s nothing more unique than you. Get some professional photos done and don’t hold back from putting them on your website, socials and newsletters. It’s the easiest way to connect.

2. Be consistent

No matter your marketing efforts, make sure you’re consistent with them. If you want to blog, do it regularly (weekly or monthly). If you want to email your subscribers, do it regularly. If you want to connect on Instagram, post and do stories regularly. You’ll then be top of mind when your ideal client needs your service.

3. Find your voice

Sure, the fun and quirky marketing of brands such as Frank Body and Who Gives A Crap is awe-inspiring — but don’t follow suit if it doesn’t align with your brand. Find your brand’s tone of voice and stick to it. A quality copywriter can help you achieve this.

4. Be a breath of fresh air

Be the small business that follows through on what you say you will. Communicate with people early on when receiving an enquiry (or get a CMS that does this for you). Genuine service and attention to detail go a long way these days.

5. Share your social proof

‘Social proof’ may be the latest catch phrase but it’s one of the oldest ways to demonstrate that you actually do what you say you will. Testimonials from happy clients are gold. New clients want to read these and soak up all the love about you. Share them throughout your website and social media.

6. Make it easy for your ideal client

When your ideal client lands on your homepage, make it easy for them to know instantly what you do, who you love to work with and how they can book in with you. Clear the path for your client to work with you.

7. You do you

It can be inspiring to check out what others are offering in your industry. And it can also be debilitating. Limit your Insta scroll time and stay true to you. What you offer is of value and don’t ever doubt that.

8. Connect with your confidence

Still doubting? Catch up with a business bestie and let them tell you how fantastic you and your business are! Then read a few of your testimonials. And use that energy to draft your next email newsletter. Being confident in the service you offer speaks volumes and your ideal client can tell when you’re pumped about what you do.

9. Share your services

This may sound like a no-brainer but we can easily forget to actually say what we do, especially in social media land. Like, did you know that I offer one-on-one Website Consultations? Well, you do now. Much like No.6 of this list, make it easy for your client to know how they can work with you.

10. Have fun

At the end of the day, find the joy in connecting with your ideal clients. Not every newsletter needs to be serious. Mondays and Friday are great for light-hearted content on Instagram. Getting a photoshoot done soon? Don’t forget to stage some silly shots of you. Being your silly self can be just as eye catching as your latest eBook.


10 ways to stand out. Now you don’t have to worry about all the other noise out there. You’ve got this!

If you need to spend time focusing on your why, your ideal client and your website purpose, grab a free copy of my Must Have Essentials For Your New Website” workbook. Perfect if you’re DIYing your website or teaming up with a professional.