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Website Workbook


Not every small business owner has the funds to spend on a new website from the get go #startuplife. Or you might be the kind of person who likes to get your hands dirty (metaphorically) and learn all the ins-and-outs of your business before handing things over to a pro.

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DIY doesn’t mean doing it alone

The Website Workbook will give you the information you need to lay the foundations for a solid website. Armed with this workbook, you’ll be able to plan your website like a pro from the beginning. From picking your platform to creating a stunning design and getting it live, everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

Sure, you could spend hours searching online and figuring things out yourself. Or you could follow this self-paced guide and get a website that’s done, and done well.

The topics that are covered


What makes a good website

A website has to do more than just look good. We’ll break down the elements that go into making your website work for you.


The anatomy of your website

Your website goes beyond just pixels on a page. We’ll walk you through every element of the website, from your logo and branding to photography and copy.


Getting your website live

Having a design is one thing, getting your website online is another. Learn the steps to claim your domain, choose your host and decide which website platform is the best fit for you.


SEO essentials

If you want to get found online, you’ve got to get your search engine optimisation right. Learn the basics of website SEO and how you can improve your rankings.


Plan your website

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan. So before you dive into your website, you’ll want to plan it all out so you know how you’re going to get where you want to go.


Website building

Build with confidence by following the plan and learning where to go to troubleshoot when you get stuck.


Website worksheets

Includes 7 printable (or editable) worksheets plus a monthly and weekly planner for you to download and take action.

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The Website Workbook is created for:

  • The DIY enthusiast who wants to get a head start on building their website

  • Business owners who want to learn the lingo before outsourcing to a web designer

  • Anyone wanting to level up their knowledge of what goes into making a good website

Get immediate access to the workbook and start planning your website today

Over 60 pages of advice, tips and website planning templates to help you plan your website like a pro.

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Meet Ange

Resonant Imagery is led by Ange Hammond, a web designer who loves working with businesses to showcase their services.

Ange has been building stunning, effective websites for over 10 years. And in that time she’s worked with hundreds of clients to help them bring their websites to life.

Known for her intuitive approach to design, Ange guides people easily through the website design process to create an engaging online presence.

I am a seasoned website DIYer. I’ve just DIYed my website for about the 6th time. I sooooo wish I’d had this workbook to guide me from the beginning! Even reading through it after having just completed my new site, I can see how helpful it’s going to be. I plan to go back and use the information and worksheets to make sure I’ve really got everything humming as it should be.

Kate, Leading Beings

If you’re planning to DIY your website, the Website Workbook is invaluable. Ange takes you through each step of the process – from figuring out what platform to use, to planning out your content and pulling all your elements together to create a beautiful (and effective) website. And it’s all broken down into clear language (no confusing tech-speak here). No matter what type of website you’re creating, this workbook will save you so much time (and stress).

Nell, Fete Creative

This workbook has everything you need to jumpstart your website. Ange goes through all of the different pieces you’ll need to build a well-thought out, professional website, even if you’re just starting out.

Steff, Tea Break Digital

Get immediate access to the workbook and start designing your website today