When I first began Resonant Imagery back in 2009, I built websites using HTML and CSS, which means that I built them from scratch, with a bit of functionality but really, they were simple, beautiful websites. Simple can be effective, of course, and they were for all necessary purposes. Over time though, these simple websites were hard to build upon in terms of functionality, their ability to evolve with time became harder and harder to achieve.

And then there was WordPress. WordPress was the big “W” of flashlights that kept flashing my way. You know how it is, something keeps appearing in front of you, maybe a couple of times, maybe MANY times and then suddenly it becomes obviously clear. Like you couldn’t believe that it took you so long to see the obvious. THIS was the answer to the limitations I was facing. WordPress and all its plugins to shape a website into your wildest dreams. And it’s been a strong, healthy relationship ever since.

These days all websites I create use WordPress as their foundation. There’s a number of reasons why I choose to work with WordPress, here’s some of them:

Easy for my clients to use

Once upon a time, WordPress was solely designed as a blogging software. It has since grown to be a full Content Management System (CMS), which means that it now allows for the publishing, editing and modifying of website content as well as maintenance from a central interface. My clients are now able to edit and publish their website content themselves, if they desire. And they can do it from any internet connection, on any computer. This makes WordPress versatile, user-friendly and self-empowering for my clients.

The perfect blogging platform

As mentioned before, WordPress did start out as a blogging software and it still does this functionality to the highest quality. Having a blog as part of your website is the best way to stay engaged with your website visitors, to keep them coming back for more. Google also loves that your website content stays fresh and loves when you use your keywords to help with your rankings.

A world of website functionality

WordPress is such a good foundation for your website because it allows for plugins to be added based on your requirements. Think of WordPress as a house that you’ve just bought. Then think of plugins as all the bits of beautiful furniture and useful kitchenware that you put into your house to make it a home, so that you feel comfortable doing the things you love in your abode.

You can turn your WordPress website into a shop by added some e-commerce plugins. You can create a membership/subscription area for housing your online e-courses.

It’s free to use and gets updated regularly

This is the best bit. WordPress is free as it’s an open source software. Sure there are some plugins and themes that will cost you some dollars but ultimately, it’s free. It is also the most popular CMS platform so its developers work hard to keep it running effectively, updating it regularly.


WordPress does come with a learning curve depending on how computer savvy you are. Resonant Imagery can help set up your professional website using WordPress as the foundation. We will also install all necessary plugins so that your website is running smoothly. We will then meet with you face-to-face in Brisbane or on Skype to talk you through how to edit and publish your website content. Interested? Get in touch and we’ll put together a quote for you.