I hear it a lot. And the truth is that I sometimes have moments of my own self-destructive ego telling me the same. Chances are we all do from time to time if we’re honest with ourselves. How often have you caught yourself saying things like, “Who wants to hear what I have to say?” or “There are so many other more influential trailblazers out there to say what I want to share”? Or “I’m not experienced enough to be writing about

[insert your passion here]”.

Words that are full of overwhelmingly fearful thoughts of self-inadequacy and self-doubt can do us in. We start our business full of confidence that it’s the right step for us and somewhere along the way we lose the momentum. We publish two or three blog posts and then find excuses not to continue with them. Sure, our lives are busy but underneath all of it, is there a whole lot of self-doubt getting in the way?

I remember when I started my yoga teacher training course. Back then, I was definite I didn’t want to teach yoga; my intention behind doing the course was purely to gain a deeper knowledge and experience of all that yoga has to offer. Many yoga students attend yoga training for this very reason and it’s completely valid. There was a little inkling for me though, that this voice was representing my many fears taking over the story…. fear of public speaking (can you imagine: standing at the front of a yoga class with ALL of those eyes on you, waiting for you to instruct the next yoga pose?!)… fear of not having any insights to share with yoga students… fear of not being good enough.

That’s how I started the yoga teacher training, but it’s not how I finished it. About half way through the course, there was a moment, a complete shift in self-confidence and generally getting out of my own way. That moment I knew, if I really wanted to, I could teach yoga. I was good at it, I had something unique to offer and I could in fact stand at the front of a class and be that meditative voice that leads the group through a flowing transformation.

Often, that’s how it goes for us. We need a defining moment to show us that we’re more than capable AND we have an audience who wants to hear from us. So what’s your defining moment? What’s going to get you over this hurdle to leave the excuses in the dust?

Maybe your moment is actually looking at the bigger picture and seeing the actual evidence, the proof that your community is ready and waiting for you to find your voice. Okay then, truth time. Your community, the one you’ve been building over the past months or years, want to hear from you. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have signed up to your newsletter or liked your Facebook business page or connected with you on Instagram. All of these little actions, one by one, form this bigger picture. They make up the undeniable truth that what you do and who you are is unique, and you have insights to share and an audience who wants to listen.

Take some small steps and see the response you get. Wipe the cobwebs off your Instagram account and commit to sharing a couple of photos a week to start you off. Sit down with your notebook and jot down some blog post ideas and maybe one will take form and get published. Or maybe draft and send a newsletter to your subscribers. Take some inspired action.

For me, I limit the ways I communicate with my community to the platforms that inspire me. I regularly post on Instagram and even though my feed isn’t perfect, I’m experimenting and finding my own way with what people want to hear and what I want to share. I have a core group of followers (not just spammers) who consistently like and comment on these posts; a sign that there are real people out there who are engaged.

I blog once a month. For me this is what I can commit to without feeling overwhelmed. I take into consideration questions I am asked by my clients and peers about what I do and about websites in general. Listening to these questions helps me piece together what my audience actually wants to hear from me.

Recently I added a new section to my newsletter, “Things I Love”, and you know what? I had several replies to it telling me that they really enjoyed hearing about these little things that light me up. I could also visually see that this section had gained traction in my MailChimp’s report because of the number of clicks that were made. The links weren’t selling anything either. They were purely given as fun extras to my community and also a way of sharing the love to other soulful entrepreneurs I come into contact with.

There’s always a bigger picture out there that can present us with why we need to get over certain fears that are holding us back. Maybe this post was the light-bulb moment you needed to find your voice. And if not, I’m sure that moment is coming soon; just be open and receptive to receive it.

Photography by Robyn Mill